Dossier Manager is the leading method in Italy for managing the Technical-Regulatory Documentation required by the cosmetics industry according to Regulation (EC) No. 1223 / 2009.C

Created by INT.E.G.RA. srl, the method is the result of close collaboration with the most important European cosmetic companies to continuously improve their business processes.

INT.E.G.R.A (Integration of Experiences for Management and Rationalization) was created with the aim of offering targeted solutions in response to the needs of companies in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

Dossier Manager is just one of many answers, as well as:

  • C.A.O.: CAO evaluates the effectiveness and safety of your products and devices thanks to testing strategies with the optimal mix of our exclusive alternative methodsin vitro, 100% animal free, adopted by the OECD, and all the remaining types of microbiological, chemical and volunteer tests.
  • European Partner – InVitro International: as a partner for Europe InVitro International distributes, trains and provides post-sales support to anyone who wants to use the macromolecular testing kits in vitro Ocular Irritation ® TG OECD 496, Corrositex® TG OECD 435 and Irritection® Dermal. No cell culture or cell laboratory required, 100% animal free, results in unbeatable times.
  • Cosmeting®: the database of toxicological information and NO(A)EL of substances used in cosmetics.
  • NoD. (Noael on Demand): on demand service of toxicological monographs with NO(A)EL and dermal absorption of substances used in cosmetics.
  • INCI Update: on demand service by data monographsincluding chemical name, INCI, Ph. Eur., INN and IUPAC names, EINECS / ELINCS, CAS and Color Index numbers, ingredient function , the SCCS opinion and the INCI cosmetic restrictions names.
  • The Beauty & Wellness Community: new tools for listening and online community of thousands of Italian consumers ready totest your productsto give you their feedback.
  • Centro Branding: strategic marketing and sales consultancy to make the most of the web and multi-channel potential to reach your customers.