Dedicated to the Research and Development area of the cosmetic industry: the D-Lab module is designed specifically for those who want to start from their new idea and realize it, step by step, in a new winning formula.

In addition to containing all the Regulatory tools of Dossier Manager, D-Lab adds, for the maximization of the R&D process, specific functionalities such as the possibility to create preliminary PIFs, the possibility to create multiple product variants and underlying versions of formulas, the possibility to compare formulas, the possibility to create Blacklists by geographic area or by customer and much more.

D-Lab's process flow, click to enlarge

The Planner.

The Project Planner allows you to manage all the activities assigned to the resources involved in a simple and intuitive way.

The planner can be organized by month, operator, project or activity.

These activites are recorded and monitored:

  • The initial idea
  • The basic project requirements and subsequent revisions
  • The attached documentation

  • The formulation variants
  • Meeting reports
  • Analytical tests
An example of a Monthly Planner, click to enlarge


Formula management.

Each project can have multiple variants, each variant containing multiple versions of formulas.

Each new formula can be created from any previous formula, not necessarily the most recent one.

In each variant the currently active formula can be defined.

The generation panel of a new formula, click to enlarge

Compare formulas.

The Compare Formulas tool allows you to compare formula compositions, two by two, in a simple and intuitive way.

The compare formulas function, click to enlarge

Black List.

Normally Dossier Manager is in charge of managing INCI Restrictions within the European legislation.

But often there is the need to indicate other types of restrictions, the so-called Black List. These Black List are determined by business decisions and by parties other than the European community such as foreign nations, customers or particular suppliers.

  • Black list per customer
  • Black list per product/article
  • Black list per project

  • Black list per nation
The Black List panel, click to enlarge
The additional Black List columns in the qualitative-quantitative formula, click to enlarge

Black List generation from templates.

In order to facilitate the management of black lists, the concept of template has been introduced. Starting from release it is possible to generate and/or modify a black list starting from a template pre-loaded by the user.

Through the Black List Generator, you can create/add Black Lists from templates, modify the % limits of the substances present in the Black List and eventually delete an entire black list or only some of its elements. The possibility of intervening on each single Black List element from the INCI and Black List Restrictions menu remains unchanged.

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Regulatory Tests.

Create a preliminary study or pre-PIF to perform a regulatory test during the R&D process.
You can choose from several pre-prepared Dossier formats, differentiated according to the desired level of study, for example, four or eight chapters.

Le diverse tipologie di dossier, clicca per ingrandire
An example of an eight-chapter dossier, click to enlarge

Promotion of the formula.

Once the research and development process is complete, you will then have arrived at the final formula. At this point you can promote that formula to a production item.

At the end of the process one or more winning formulas will move to the production phase with all the dowry of documentation collected and all the technical data.

All information entered by the R&D team will be immediately available to the regulatory team for PIF creation.

The Product Generation panel, click to enlarge

D-Lab Exercise at the University of Pavia.

Each year, as part of our Academy Project, at the Master of II level in Cosmetological Sciences of the University of Pavia the Dossier Manager exercise takes place.

The usual appointment brought, with the help of our method, a new class of future professionals to strengthen their advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of legislation, technology, control and evaluation of cosmetic products.

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D-Lab + T-Lab = stability testing for products in R&D.

T-LAB allows complete and accurate management of all your stability tests, both for finished products and those under development with the D-Lab module.

The T-LAB planner, click to enlarge