The evironmental label.

Starting from the 31st of December 2022 the environmental labelling will be mandatory. No problem: with ETAMB everything will be easier!

But what exactly is environmental labeling? It is a label that must provide all the information necessary for the correct disposal of packaging. It will therefore have to indicate the type of packaging used, what material it is made of, the reference family of the material and what type of collection to carry out.

ETAM: il nuovo modulo DM per l'etichettatura ambientale


The new ETAMB module allows the creation of environmental labeling in a few clicks and with little effort.

The process is simple: select the product and associate for each packaging component the respective packaging materials. For each packaging material enter the correct coding, type, description and disposal instructions.

Product > Packaging > Packaging Material > Material Description + Type + Coding + Collection

This is made even easier by the use of tables that comply with the European Commission Decision (97/ 129/EC).

You've updated your finished product and you need to create a new version of your label? ETAMB will notifiy you and help you do that. Older versions of your environmental label will always be available.

Lastly, you can export the label in .pdf format, excel or text..

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