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Dossier Manager.

The leading method for the management and control of the PIF and other industry documents according to Regulation (EC) No.1223/2009.

Documents Made Easy.

With its flexibility, Dossier Manager is able to satisfy any need, from those of the freelance professional to those of multinational companies.

  • DM Batcher - Synchronize your ERP quickly and easily.

  • Licensing - Select the most suitable solution for you.

  • Multilanguage - Available in all the languages ​​of the European community.

  • Package Plus - Unlock all the features of your Dossier Manager.

Integrazione con tutti i nostri servizi.

INT.E.G.RA. offre soluzioni e servizi regulatory per l’industria cosmetica, farmaceutica e chimica.

  • CAO Analysis – Strategie e servizi di testing.
  • InVitro International – esclusivi 100% cruelty free in vitro OECD test per la corrosività e irritazione cutanea e oculare.

  • Cosmeting – Database dati tossicologici.
  • Kind To Biome – Marchio di qualità per il microbioma.


  • At Headquarters - Individual or group training.

  • Online - Training in a remote session for maximum flexibility.

  • In Class - For tomorrow's professionals.



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