Manage your stability tests directly in Dossier Manager: T-LAB allows synergistic management of stability tests and easy editing of Stability Protocols and Stability Reports.

Import your stability models or create new ones: enable your operators, enable your resources, define your product parameters, define the environments, the type of containers, the status of the samples and their expiration dates, the resources to be used and much more; there is nothing that cannot be configured according to your operational specifications for an efficient and integrated management of the entire product life cycle. Translated with (free version)

  • Enable operators by type and test group

  • Enable dedicated resources by test type

  • Define the Test Groups

  • Define the Stability Test Categories

  • Define the types of Stability Tests

  • Define the containers to use

  • Choose whether to receive your due date notices by email

  • Define the flow of states in the Stability study

  • Define the Stability Study environments
  • Define the test client

Manage all testing phases.

Study, monitor and manage all phases of your stability test, from its creation to its conclusion.

The Product Stability panel, click to enlarge

Manage environments, deadlines and specimens for each test.

Monitor and manage all environments, schedules, pickups and deadlines for each specimen.

Audition management, click to enlarge
Study environment management, click to enlarge

Test planning and testing.

T-LAB's planner allows you to keep a calendar record of the various study deadlines, tests grouped by test group, study and operator.

The T-LAB planner, click to enlarge

D-Lab + T-Lab = stability testing for products in R&D.

T-LAB allows the complete and accurate management of all your stability tests, both for finished products and those under development with the module D-Lab.

The Product Stability panel for test articles, click to enlarge