INT.E.G.RA. provides technical-regulatory updates that impact the management of the cosmetic product.

Technical-regulatory updates, including all updates on restrictions and Opinions of cosmetic ingredients contained in Cosing are distributed via the web based on the indications of the technical-regulatory staff.

The process of updating the user database is developed in such a way that prior to the actual import of technical-regulatory updates, with consequent impact on the PIF being processed, a preliminary verification of this impact is possible.

You can compare the difference in the Inci nomenclature currently in your dictionary and the one provided in the update.

  • Different value
  • Identical value
  • New value
Technical/regulatory updates, click to enlarge

Regulatory Assistance.

Any doubt about some functionality or formula? Get assistance directly in the Dossier Manager with one click thanks to the Regulatory Support Request function. Our staff and our partners will give you the support you need in an effective and timely manner.

On Demand Assistance.

Consulting, regulatory review and direct management of the process, there is no request that INT.E.G.RA. and his network can not satisfy.

Software Assistance.

The Help Desk service for remote support is the first point of reference for requests for in-depth analysis and clarification of a technical nature.

Our IT team will be able to assist you in quickly solving the problem quickly and efficiently.