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Request a dedicated database for your products from one of our Certified Consultants.

Your consultant will complete the BIP in the parts for which he or she is responsible and can sign it as a Safety Assessor.

Potrai accedere al tuo database da remoto come Persona Responsabile, questo ti permetterà d’inserire tutti i dati e la documentazione necessaria per i tuoi prodotti e supervisionare il processo a tuo piacimento.

Il tuo consulente completerà il PIF nelle parti di sua competenza e lo potrà firmare come Safety Assessor.

Il tuo database sarà facilmente trasferibile al tuo Dossier Manager nel momento in cui decidessi di acquistarlo. From that point on, it will be your Certified Consultant who will enter your Dossier Manager with their own user account to manage and sign PIFs.

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With the addition of a new user account, your Certified Consultant will have direct access to your Dossier Manager to assist and supervise your BIPs or to take on the role of Security Assessor.

Are you a cosmetic consultant? Become a Certified Consultant Dossier Manager.

User customization

Define who can do and see what.

In this way you can empower your customer and facilitate collaboration between the Responsible Person and the Safety Assessor.

Dedicated database per customer

Infrastructure and licensing costs are shareable with your customers.

Each customer will have access only to his own database for the insertion and consultation of his data.

Totally cloud-based software

Access the software whenever you want, from wherever you want.

No installation is required and you don't have to invest in expensive servers.

Guaranteed data security

Erase your transit and transcription time for data and documents and focus on what matters.

All your data is protected and confidential on your cloud machine.