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The new document search with FullTextExplorer.

Find your attached documents with FullTextExplorer, the new feature of Dossier Manager Plus that allows in-depth, full-text document search by term, root and phrase found not only in the title but also within the document itself.

Search by term, root, phrase

Search for documents that contain a whole phrase, a term without one, or more, associates, search for all documents that have a word root within them, and much more.


The automatic language recognition of the document allows for more effective and context-sensitive searching.

Document linking

It is now possible to reconstruct the "history" of the document, that is, all the points at which that document has been used and is linked: from specifications to files.

Research metadata

Each document has associated metadata useful for identifying the context in which that document was used and where the searched words are found within the same.

DocuDocs: the new Dossier Manager file system.

With DocuDocs you can manage all your linked documents centrally, securely, shared, and without being dependent on file paths on your local computer!

In fact, the new storage system allows a shift from conventional "file-based" storage, where data are stored in a hierarchical structure of folders, directories and subdirectories, to an "object-based" storage system.

Independent of file path

With "object-based" storage, it will be possible to act regardless of the file path.

With DocuDocs all your linked documents will be placed in "blob" containers and stored in a flat "data lake" without hierarchies; a large collection of unstructured data.

with dedicated use

The "data lake" is located in a common user space with dedicated use, separated from the rest of the local computer.

In this way, all related documents are protected from modification and are readily available to all users.


The storage capacity of the blobs is practically unlimited. And as the amount of stored data grows, it is always quick and easy to save it for later retrieval.


Safe and handy with backup

There is no longer the danger of losing documents or not knowing which PC they are on.

All documents are tracked and maintained in one place and in one operation you can execute the backup of all related documents of the company.

Check the health status of your linked documents.

Generate your report to see the total number of documents in the system, how many of these are linked to a dossier, to the INCI dictionary, to the projects or to the ingredient specifications and how many of these are not found at the moment because their file path is corrupted.

Contact us for your free technical analysis.

By providing us with the report and hardware specifications of your IT infrastructure, we will be able to show you how to retrieve your files and when and how to switch to DocuDocs.