Dossier Manager Plus provides additional tools designed for users who make more extensive use of Dossier Manager, going beyond the simple alignment with legal requirements already provided by the standard version.

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Advanced PIF management.

The STANDARD version of the Dossier Manager product information file complies with the Colipa 2011 and SANCO 2013 guidelines.

The amount of information and data contained in the document may vary significantly from one user to another, depending on the type of product, the layout of the document, and the internal use of the software.

Some improvements have been included in the standard version of Dossier Manager to increase the readability of this document.

In Dossier Manager Plus this aspect has been pushed further, to allow users with greater needs to take advantage of a document that is as manageable as possible.

/ Advanced PIF versioning management.

Advanced versioning management allows you to change the PIF generation date during the transition between check and validation.

Includes consistency checks between the date the pif was first generated and the date the specification and formula were created.

The PIF generation date cannot be earlier than the creation of the formula and specification.

If the generation date is changed, the wizard for deleting already validated PIFs is started.

/ Backup and versioning of linked documents.

During the validation of a PIF it is possible to save all linked documents by asking the System Administrator to enable the Backup + Versioning function in the application parameters.

/ Organization and exclusion of related documents.

Within each chapter of the PIF being processed, it is possible to manage the sorting of the documents in the list, with the buttons move up and move down at the bottom of the page.

There is also the possibility of entering an integer number in the "document order" field to establish the order in which you want the documents to appear within the chapter.

It is also possible to select with a Flag the linked documents that you want to exclude from printing.

Plus features in PIF linked document management, click to enlarge

/ Advanced PIF structure management.

Advanced PIF structure management inserts attachments at the end of each chapter by default.

/ Creation of an unprotected version from an already approved pif.

With this functionality it is possible to intervene on the unprotected PDF generated to, for example, append signatures in the various pages of the Dossier.

Black List.

Dossier Manager Plus offers black list management for those who do not have the module D-Lab.

Blacklists allow the application of different types of restrictions decided internally within the company or by different parties such as foreign countries, customers or particular suppliers.

The Black List panel, click to enlarge


The additional Black List columns in the qualitative-quantitative formula, click to enlarge

Query Extractor Module.

This feature is particularly useful for System Administrators who must respond to internal requests to process data contained in the Dossier Manager database.

In fact, it allows the user to extract data contained in the Dossier Manager database or in that of DbTransito, using either the logical views or stored procedures that have already been predetermined, in addition to free queries.

The procedure guides the user in defining the extraction mode and any parameters: the result of the extraction is shown in a preview and then saved in an excel file defined by the user. The excel file can also have a template for the definition of the layout.

Each extraction performed is stored in the database with the name of the user, the date and time of extraction and the name of the file produced: each user will see only the list of his own extractions, while an administrator user will see all of them.

The system also allows you to clone a previous extraction to give you the ability to perform the same extraction at later times.

Management of obsolete Quality Control certificates.

Activation of an "archive" button (enabled only on cancelled certificates). With the archive command, the system will warn that a PDF copy of the certificate will be created and saved in an archive folder and delete the record from the database.

Advanced document management.

This function compiles a list of all links to documents cited in the database and classifies them according to whether the document:

  • doesn't exist
  • exists but is not in the default directory
  • exists and is in the default directory

You can then copy/move the documents to a destination directory of your choice.

Advanced document management, click to enlarge

Display specifications button.

On the formula management mask, in the tab 'Formula Summary', a command button allows the user to display the Specification of the component present in the row on which the user is positioned. If it does not exist a message will indicate this.

Advanced document management, click to enlarge


Print file export.

The function allows the export of print reports in word and excel format in addition to the usual pdf format.

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Specification management.

Possibility, in phase of insertion, to import automatically the parameters defined in a model for type article.

PIF Auditing: Extended Event.

This function allows you to record all changes made to PIF chapters.

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PIF Auditing: the Extended Event

Labes Auditing.

The new auditing system allows easy reporting of all operations performed on your product labels.

This function also allows you to edit individual entries on the label.

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Labes Auditing

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