In this context, ECHA on October 28, 2020 released the operational version of the SCIP (Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects - Products) database. This database will need to include a range of information on articles produced, assembled, imported or distributed in the EU containing SVHC substances from the ECHA Candidate List, published on the ECHA website and continuously updated, if present in quantities greater than 0.1% w/w

In tale ambito l’ECHA il 28 ottobre 2020 ha rilasciato la versione operativa della banca dati SCIP (Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects – Products). In tale banca dati dovranno essere inserite una serie di informazioni sugli articoli prodotti, assemblati, importati o distribuiti in UE contenenti sostanze SVHC della candidate List ECHA, pubblicata nel sito web dell’ECHA e costantemente aggiornata, se presenti in quantità superiore allo 0,1% p/p

We remind you that SVHC substances (Substances of Very High Concern) as defined in art. 57 of Reach are:

  • Carcinogenic, mutagenic, and reproductive toxic substances of Cat. 1A and 1B;
  • Substances identified as Persistent, Toxic and Bioaccumulative (PBT) under the criteria listed in Annex XIII;
  • Substances identified as very Persistent and very Bioaccumulative (vPvB) according to the criteria listed in Annex XIII;
  • Substances of "equivalent concern" for their effects on human health (e.g., endocrine disruptors and sensitizers) or the environment

This inclusion on the Candidate List triggers immediate reporting requirements for the supply of articles and mixtures containing one of these substances.

This obligation to notify the information to the SCIP database also involves cosmetic companies because to all intents and purposes they can fall either in the figure of "importers of articles" (if they buy from non-EU suppliers that have no obligation under Reach) or in the figure of "distributors of articles" (if they buy from EU suppliers that have the obligation to inform if in the articles sold there is the presence of SVHC substances at % > 0.1%).

However, ECHA has specified that the obligation to provide information should start with the first supplier (manufacturer/importer), because they have or should have the best knowledge of the article. With regard to other suppliers such as distributors who are not importers, an approach may be sought to refer to the information already submitted by the upstream supplier to avoid double reporting and limit unnecessary fulfillment.

The compliance requirement will begin on JANUARY 5, 2021.

Sul sito web di ECHA è disponibile materiale di supporto e una sezione FAQ

Le informazioni contenute nella Banca Dati SCIP saranno messe a disposizione del pubblico, in particolare dei gestori di rifiuti, garantendo comunque la protezione delle informazioni sensibili.

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